8 Days To Buy – Here’s 8 Reasons Why

the number 8Do you know someone who’s been hibernating for the last few months and is just now waking up to the about-to-expire Home Buyer Tax Credit? If so, here are eight reasons to buy a home before the Home Buyer Tax Credit expires on April 30.

1. Mortgage interest rates plunged to 40-year lows.
2. Home pricing remains stable, and it’s still a strong buyer’s market in many parts of the country.
3. You’ve got to live somewhere…it might as well be in a place you call your very own.
4. If you’re renting, you’re already buying a home…you’re just buying it for someone else.
5. There’s nothing like that new home smell.
6. You deserve to own a home – it’s the ultimate all-American dream.
7. Nothing makes you feel more grown up and responsible than buying your own place. (OK, maybe kids do that too, but that’s another story!)
8. Where else besides America can you purchase a home and receive up to $8,000 interest-free money from the federal government?

The Home Buyer Tax Credit purchase deadline is April 30. That means that buyers have to write a purchase contract no later than the last day of April to qualify for the money, up to $8,000 paid to buyers after closing. Remember that the home buyer tax credit applies both to first-time buyers (or those who haven’t owned in the last three years) as well as current home owners who have owned and occupied their current residence for five consecutive years out of the last eight. Confusing, I know. But when did the government ever make any qualifications or guidelines easy to understand?

The next deadline is June 30 – that’s the last day a buyer can close and become the legal owners of a primary residence to qualify for the tax credit money.

For more home buyer tax credit details, visit Federal Housing Credit.

To help people get their last-minute contracts in by the April 30 deadline, all Home Creations show homes in the Oklahoma City metro area will stay open until 10 p.m. Contracts will be on hand, and we’ll stay until midnight if we have to.

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