If Barbie Can Do It, So Can You

barbie, dream houseOver the years when Home Creations hosts home buyer seminars, I always use a Barbie doll during my introduction. You might wonder how Barbie fits into a home buyer seminar. Well, what’s the one thing that Barbie has that Ken never had? Answer: her own dream house. So the premise of the home buyer seminar (to men and women alike): If Barbie can do it, so can you.

Brandon Brown, a Home Creations new home sales consultant, attributes about 30 percent of his sales last year to single women. He mentions that single women have different concerns and fears than couples when it comes to buying a home.

“Yard size, security and price seem to be concerns,” Brandon said.

“I have found that single women prefer to have a backdoor with blinds in the glass,” Brandon added. “They prefer to have the fence extended to the front of the home, instead of the back corner which is standard. They prefer a smaller lot, which means less lawn maintenance. Many of them choose an appliance package for part of the special.”

Before she became Home Creations sales director, Anita Wagoner became a single mother of three children after being married more than two decades. The thought of buying a home as a single woman was almost more than she could handle after going through a divorce.

“I was concerned I would not qualify after my divorce,” Anita said. “I was afraid my credit score would be low, and I had no idea if I made enough money to qualify, what my payment would be, and I feared being embarrassed if they told me ‘no.’ I had had a lot of rejection and was reluctant to experience another ‘failure’ so soon after my divorce, but I needed a place to live,” she said.

“My loan originator was so kind, patient, assuring, and told me if I could not get qualified now at least I would know what I needed to do for the future,” she said. “So I went ahead and met with her, and she took my info. She called me back and said ‘No problem. I could buy the house!’ It enabled me to have a nice place for my two sons to live.”

Anita takes every opportunity to relate her personal story to single women wanting to purchase a home. She knows first-hand how scary it can be. The best part about Anita’s experience:

“When I sold it four years later and bought a bigger home, I had $30,000 of equity,” she said. “Best investment I ever made!”

So if you believe in Girl Power and women’s ability to do anything they put their minds to, remember Anita’s personal story and Barbie’s dream home – no Ken involved.

Brandon speaks words of wisdom and encouragement to single women thinking about buying a home but scared of the process.

“There’s nothing to it, but to do it,” he said.

After all, if Barbie can do it, so can you.

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