OSB…Sheathing That Is!

Home Creations OSB Sheathing Demonstration Once you’ve heard the name “OSB Sheathing” it is something you don’t easily forget, and for good reason. Lucky for our Home Creations homeowners, we include this product in every single home we build. Every home exterior is wrapped with OSB Sheathing.  What is OSB Sheathing you might ask? Well it’s this awesome material that makes your home sturdier, safer and more energy efficient…not to mention more valuable! That is “layman’s terms” but officially it is a building product “made by blending rectangular wood strands with thermal-set, waterproof adhesives. The treated strands are arranged in cross-directional layers that are then pressed together under heat and extreme pressure. The result is a dense engineered panel that is stiff, strong and durable”.

Now that we are clear on what it is…let’s cover what it does! First of all, it is considered a “green” building product because it is made of natural renewable wood resources so it makes your home more “green”. OSB sheathing improves the integrity of the structure of your home and protects your structure from the wears and tears of harsh weather conditions.  In addition, it “won’t cup, warp, split or delaminate as easily as plywood. You can count on consistent quality, without core voids and knots. OSB sheathing is uniform, strong, dense, and easy to work with. OSB is environmentally friendly, using wood from small, fast growing trees. That means less waste and better use of resources”. Not sold on OSB Sheathing yet? If not, then feel free to go to the manufacturer’s website and get a plentitude of information like the 25 year warranty and so forth and so on.  Or come to a model home and see this product up close and personal- scratch and sniff, if you will…you won’t be disappointed!

See manufacturer’s website and quote information at: http://www.norbord.com/OSB_Trubord_Features.shtml