My Mom, the Executive Chef


(BOTTOM) One of the first meals my mom cooked when I got back to Singapore last December. (TOP) A local fruit called the durian.

During my month-long visit in Singapore last month, I got a chance to savor my mother’s cooking. While Singapore, being a melting pot of cultures, has an abundance of cuisines to wet my appetite, there is nothing like the unspoken comfort of sitting down to a table of food prepared by the Executive Chef of this household.

My mom has the chance of visiting me in Oklahoma back in 2007 and without fail, she took over my kitchen (and I gladly let her). Unlike her kitchen in Singapore which is in a separate room, my kitchen was initially too “open” for her. After assuring her that I don’t mind the smell of her cooking filling up my home, my favorite dishes like sweet ribs and stir-fired cabbage quickly made their way to the dining table.

In an earlier blog “I Believe I Can Fly”, I mentioned one of two new floor plans Home Creations recently released. It got me to thinking about a kitchen layout that my mom, the Executive Chef, would like. The other new one, a 1,544 square feet Anthony (a Wellington Elite floor plan) seems to fit the bill.

The kitchen is tucked away in a section of the home facing the dining room; perfect for my mom as she can easily move between the stovetop and the dining table. She would also love the storage within the staggered custom cabinets and pantry.


Anthony Floor Plan (1,544 square feet )

Though my mom does not grill, I personally like the close proximity of the covered back patio from the kitchen and dining area. Maybe that will be my reason to brush up my skills to become the Master Grill of my own household.

Who is the Executive Chef of your household? Share in the comments below!

PS: Check out this Home Creations home that’s being built with this plan in IronStone, Edmond.