I Believe I Can Fly

I believe I can fly, childhood dreamsThe 27th South East Asian (S.E.A.) Games, a biennial multi-sport, concluded on December 21st while I was in Singapore. Since the beginning of my month long visit to my hometown, I got to watch some televised events as athletes from eleven countries competed on fields, over tables, in waters, and on tracks in the host country Myanmar.

snowboarding in Myanmar In about 30 days, the Winter Olympic will begin. On February 7th, athletes from all over of the world will gather in Russia to compete in events, some of which would never be possible in the tropical setting of the S.E.A. Games.

While the two sporting events are world’s apart, the athletes all share the same dream. It is the dream of winning a medal, preferably the gold kind. These dreams are not formulated in a day. While these athletes are gifted in their area of discipline, it took the nurturing of others and the athlete’s willingness to follow a very strict training schedule to get to where they are.

Each one of us dreams of being good at something or like someone. As a pre-schooler, I dreamed of flying like a caped superhero. Though my mom and dad had not allowed me to test my flight capacity, I was free to “fly” around my childhood home looking into a mirror right underneath my nose (ie. the mirror’s reflection made it look like I am walking on the ceiling).

mirror diagramOkay, this childhood game of mine might sound totally ridiculous and will definitely not become an Olympic event. However, the adrenaline I got as a child in that process, provided the sense of flying I dreamt of. My parents’ home was a place I felt safe exploring my “super powers”. My mom would never let me enter the kitchen because instead of gliding over the glowing toxic crystals (aka ceiling lamp), I would actually be jumping into the kitchen stove. The bathroom was also a forbidden territory as the deadly kryptonite (aka the toilet) was disguised as a treasure chest (aka the reflection of the bathroom cabinet above the toilet).

I no longer walk around with a mirror underneath my nose, but I am thankful for the freedom my parents gave me to explore my imagination. As a creative professional working in the home building industry, my childlike imagination will kick in occasionally as I imagine exploring the homes designed by the Architectural Specialists of Home Creations. Recently, the team released two new plans and the 1,545 square feet Avery caught my attention as I thought of wiping the dust off the magical reflector.


Avery Floor Plan  •  1,545 square feet (m.o.l.)

Imagine flying through the secret dungeon (aka walk-through closet in the master bedroom), leaping over an electric barrier (aka archway leading into the living & dining room), and breaking through a force field (aka doorway leading to the covered back patio) and into a new universe. I might even venture bravely into the once forbidden cave and come face-to-face with the crippling kryptonite.

I invite you to explore this floor plan (without a mirror of course) in a brand new Home Creations community called Ironstone in Edmond. There are also selected 360 floor plan tours online, or simply visit one of Home Creations’ communities across the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro area.

PS: What dreams do you have as a child? Or how do you encourage your own children?


<<<< Avery Floor Plan • 1,545 square feet (m.o.l.)