Commitment to Provide Homes Well Above Building Code

Prior to the May 3, 1999 tornado, there were no construction methods in place to adequately hold the roof on houses. Harold Conner (University of Oklahoma Professor Emeritus of Construction Science) and owners of Home Creations felt certain construction methods could be utilized, not to make homes tornado-proof, but to give homes a much better chance to withstand a tornado coming down the street.

By August 1999, three tornado safety features became part of all Home Creations homes, making our homes safer and giving the homeowner added peace of mind. We continue to hold true to our commitment to build stronger and safer homes by using anchor bolts, tornado straps, and oriented strand boards in all our homes in communities across the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas.

Click to read the news story aired on KOCO Channel 5 on Feb 24, 2014 when meteorologist and engineer Tim Marshall shared his findings about the safety measures implemented on homes in Moore after the May 2013 tornado.

UPDATE: A recent news story on FOX 25 announced 12 possible changes to the Moore home building code.

UPDATE: The City of Moore voted unanimously on March 17, 2014  to adopt the new codes.


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