City of Moore Adopts New Tornado Safety Building Codes – First in the Nation

Home Creations home builders are already building homes in Oklahoma based on many of the new tornado safety standards

To protect residents from future tornado trauma, the City of Moore implemented a set of new building codes March 17, 2014. The city hopes that homeowners in Moore, OK will have a better chance against the fury of Mother Nature thanks to the city’s adoption of these new residential building codes. However, Home Creations has been building homes under many of these standards for years.


Photo courtesy of The Oklahoman/OPUBCO Digital Marketing Services
Clean-up efforts in Moore following the tornados that destroyed neighborhoods in Moore

“The added cost to the builder is worth it, even if just one life is saved,” says Jalal Farzaneh, Owner/President of Home Creations. “We will be glad to implement the additional measures as well.”

The Moore City Council voted in February to adopt the new codes based on research and proven engineering technology proposed by civil engineers Chris Ramseyer and Lisa Holliday. City of Moore is the first city in the nation to adopt building codes that focus on the tornado impact on homes.

“We have seen from this tornado, progressive construction techniques that can survive strong winds,” said Mayor Glenn Lewis. “We can learn from this devastating event to build stronger homes and neighborhoods across the United States – and it starts in Moore.”

Moore’s new residential building codes include requiring roof sheathing, hurricane clips or framing anchors, continuous plywood bracing and wind-resistant garage doors. The homes would be built to withstand winds up to 135 miles per hour rather than the accepted standard building requirements of 90 miles per hour.


Home Creations began formulating new safety standards after a huge tornado ripped through Moore nearly 15 years ago.

“After the May 1999 tornado, Home Creations implemented 3 tornado safety features which have protected their homes over the years from high winds. The added structural integrity from these features have also prevented wall movement, thus making homes have less nail pops, texture cracks and tighter windows. These were added benefits,” says Anita Brown, Director of Sales and Marketing at Home Creations.

Please click here to see the standard measure that Home Creations home builders take to ensure that our homes are as safe as possible and can withstand significant winds.

Melissa Hunt, Moore Planning Commissioner and Executive Director of the American Institute of Architects, Central Oklahoma Chapter said she applauds the City of Moore for taking proactive, yet thoughtful steps to protect its citizens should another major tornado hit the area that was devastating last May by a deadly tornado.

“These steps demonstrate how a community can rebuild stronger through advanced construction techniques with minimal cost impact on the homeowners,” Hunt said.  “As a citizen of Moore, I am extremely pleased that our city leaders saw this as an important step in the rebuilding process and I hope other cities will follow Moore’s lead.”


Since the May 20 tornados, Home Creations has helped several families rebuild their homes that they lost to the storms including our own Debbie Guidry.  To learn more, please click here.