Newlyweds, part 1: Should you buy a starter home?

When you’re recently – or about to be – married, it’s natural to want to just do everything on that checklist: buy a house, host a dinner party, fight over the remote, paint something, etc. But when you’re making a significant decision, sometimes it’s nice to have some advice. Case in point: choosing that first home together.


A starter home means different things to different people. For some, a first home is just a smaller, more minimal home that has enough room for you and your partner, but with no repairs. For others, a starter home is a fixer-upper that requires lots of attention and repair – but makes up for the effort with its crazy-low price.

At Home Creations, we like to think of a starter home as a way to ease yourself into home ownership. You should love any home you buy, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your must-have amenities – but there are pros and cons of buying new vs “used,” and sometimes the pros greatly outweigh the cons even if the price is a little more on a new home.

Benefits of choosing a starter home that is new construction

  • More financial stability. With a newly constructed home you’ll be able to start off your journey into home ownership with lower insurance payments since new homes usually cost less to insure, and no unexpected repair or “fixer upper” bills. (And if your home is energy efficient, you’ll benefit from lower utility bills, too!) Lower overall costs will let you save up for your growing family and your next larger home. Learn how a new Home Creations home is energy efficient.
  • Figuring out what you really, really want. You think you would love hardwood in the bedroom…but that “used” home has old carpet. A newly constructed home gives you a chance to try out different options: hardwood vs. carpet, double sinks in the master bath, a backyard, you name it. And you might discover that what you thought you’d like (high-maintenance counter tops, anyone?) is actually not something you want in your forever home. So, when you move up to that next home, you can make those forever decisions from experience.
  • You can move in immediately. If you opt for a starter home that’s brand-new, you don’t have to wait for all those repairs and renovations to be made. Your starter home should be cost-effective for you and your family. As it turns out, many new homeowners prefer the affordability and move-in-ready conditions of a newly constructed home. Also, a new development of newly constructed homes, will probably be rising significantly higher in property values than an older declining area. So, a starter home that is new construction is a wise investment. Learn of the three ways you can own a Home Creations home.


Choose a starter home that fits your needs – and your budget

Your starter home should be a well-researched, responsible choice on your part. Could you afford your mortgage payments if your partner wasn’t able to work for a while? If not, you might want to start with a smaller new home, get comfortable with your payment and then purchase a “move up” home in a few years. By then you will have built equity and established even better credit.

Home Creations homes allow you to invest in a starter home that’s move-in ready and packed with amenities – so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or safety to keep your budget in the black. Look at our available homes here – we bet you’ll find something you love.


Think you’d rather invest in a forever home? Read our follow-up post about the case for an investment home here.