Declare Your Freedom Homeowners!

DeclareYourFreedomAs the nation prepares to celebrate its independence, we are inviting our Home Creations customers to celebrate their freedom as homeowners with us.

While building a home is highly technical to a builder, we recognized that the journey towards homeownership is an emotional (and exciting) one for our homeowners.
Owning a home can mean many things to different people …

  • To a college grad, it’s a sign of growing up and taking on greater responsibilities. Click here if you are thinking about giving your college student a head start in homeownership.
  • To a newly wed, it’s a sign of an exciting start to a new beginning with a significant other. Click here to learn if a newly wed should buy a starter home.
  • To a parent, it means providing a safe environment for the nurturing of a child. Click here to learn how children may define their personality with a room of their own.
  • To a retiree, means starting a chapter of new-found independence (from children!). Click here to see how you can claim your space back after your child leaves home for college.

We are grateful to many Oklahomans who have trusted us to build their dream home since 1981. We often receive photos of them at different stages of their journey (eg. selecting a homesite to build a home from ground up, finding a home still under construction, falling in love with a move-in-ready home, signing the final paperwork to receive the key to their new home, etc.) It is always a joy to see them creating memories in our homes!


Every year, we send out a special invitation to our homeowners, encouraging them to submit a photo of themselves in front of or inside their Home Creations home. We ask them to share a few words about why they love their home.

This year, when home owners send us a picture and comments, we will be rewarding one household with a $50 gift card for every ten submissions received (limited to one submission per household.) All submissions need to be received before July 31st, 2014, to be eligible for a chance to win.

Meanwhile, click to check out our Facebook album of Home Creations homeowners.