Find your dream home online!

Find your dream home online!

At Home Creations, we understand that every home buying experience is unique, so we spent months of hard work to bring forth new web features to bring each user a more customized experience. So as a part of the launch of our brand new website, we’re helping you find your dream home online with an exciting new feature: myHC Accounts!

With each individual myHC user, every account brings a customized experience exclusive to our myHC members. Save your favorite communities, floorplans and homes, receive personalized recommendations at your desired frequency and watch your personal account profile customize itself as you continue the search for your dream home!

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 2.48.42 PMRegistering for your myHC account is easy! Simply sign up with an email address, Facebook profile or Google+ account to get started!

Customize Your Experience

Then tell us a little bit about yourself! Are you shopping for a new home? Have you already purchased a Home Creations home and are waiting to move in? Or maybe you already live in a Home Creations home. Whatever stage in the home buying process you’re in, there’s a myHC experience that awaits!

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Shopping for a new home? We’ve got just the perfect features for you! Save your favorite communities, floorplans and homes as you search through our homes and watch as your profile’s homepage begins to customize itself! Receive updates when the status of your favorite homes change and stay up to date with Home Creations in the “News” feed! You can even get detailed information on the home or floorplans you want instantly with the “Download Flyer” button!

Waiting to move into your Home Creations home or are already settled into your dream home? Access your important documents, easily put in warranty requests, and have access to Home Creations Homeowner Loyalty Programs, such as Homeowner Plus and Cash For Friends!

So for whichever stage you find yourself in the homeownership process, there’s a myHC account for every step so you can experience Home Creations your way!