Grier Family to Present Thunder Game Ball January 17

Grier Family to Present Thunder Game Ball January 17

Oklahoma City Thunder LogoAs a proud partner of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Home Creations has the opportunity to select one of our homeowners to do game-ball presentations before Thunder home games. We chose the Grier family from our Heritage Oaks community to present the game ball on January 17 before the Thunder takes on the Miami Heat!

We sat with Lashondria Grier to get the story behind her and her husband, Derrick’s journey to their dream home.

Originally from Georgia, Lashondria and Derrick first moved to Oklahoma after a family member was stationed here with the military.


Lashondria Grier tells us about her home buying journey with Home Creations

“My husband has a cousin who lives here who was in the military and we didn’t have kids at the time,” Lashondria said. “But next thing  you know, we were having a little one. Then a second one. That’s when we knew it was time to get our own home.”

They made the decision to become first time homeowners early in 2015 and hoped to be in their own home before the end of the year.

“We just started looking and we saw the sign out front that said this community had homes meeting the criteria we were looking for so we thought we’d give it a try.”

They ventured to one of our homes in our Heritage Oaks community and said it was love at first sight.

“This was the first home, the very first home we looked at. The whole search was this one home,” Lashondria said. “We came inside and just fell in love with this home. My husband looked at me and he said, ‘this is where we’re going to be.'”

After choosing the right home, they were determined to do whatever it took to make it theirs.

“My husband just kept saying, ‘this is where we’re going to be,'” Lashondria said. “So he kept going and kept bugging Yousuf until we got this home!”


The Griers with New Home Consultant, Yousuf Elyazgi

Their hard work paid off! After working closely with New Home Consultant, Yousuf Elyazgi, they were able to close on their in home in August 2015.

“We’re just down the street from the [model home] and sometimes I still just want to run in there and say ‘Thank You!'” Lashondria says. “Yousuf had been there since day one. He never made us feel like we were too much or didn’t want to answer our questions. He had such a great attitude and such a willingness to help; especially with my husband! Derrick had a million and one questions  to ask and he wanted them answered and Yousuf could handle it.”

When it finally came time to get the keys, Lashandria says it’s a moment she and her husband will never forget.

“[At the closing] my husband took one look at those keys and his heart just melted,” Lashondria recalled. “And Derrick stood up and hugged everyone in the room! It was just a wonderful feeling!”

The Grier family!

The Grier family!

Now comfortably settled into their home, Lashondria says everyone has adjusted and fallen in love with their new neighborhood.

“The girls absolutely love it here,” Lashondria said of her two daughters Kassidy Scott, 11, and Jada, 8. “They love the big yard, and the biggest thing is they get to go up and down the street on their scooters!”

Kassidy Scott, 11, won the coin toss and will get to present the game ball!

Kassidy Scott, 11, won the coin toss and will get to present the game ball!

Now the Grier’s are getting geared up to cheer on the Oklahoma City Thunder January 17! And after a coin toss, Kassidy Scott will get to present the game ball down on the Thunder court! Be on the lookout for this Home Creations family January 17!