Woodruff Family to Present Thunder Game Ball February 21

Oklahoma City Thunder LogoAs a proud partner of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Home Creations has the opportunity to select one of our homeowners to do game-ball presentations before Thunder home games. We chose the Woodruff family from our IronStone community to present the game ball on February 21 before the Thunder takes on the Cleveland Cavaliers!

We sat down with this retired Air Force couple to get the story behind not just their first, but second home buying journey with Home Creations!

“This is actually our second home from Home Creations,” Kim Woodruff said. “The first one we bought in 2002 when we came back from the Netherlands.”

After returning from overseas, the Woodruff’s called our Briarwood Creek community home.

“We loved that house,” says Kim. “Six months after we moved in, a tornado happened. It took everybody’s fences and a lot of houses in the neighborhood lost their roofs. But our roof was perfect.”


“There were a variety of builders in this neighborhood and we noticed that homes across the street and even right beside us had lost their roofs or had significant damage. But our Home Creations home, with the tornado safety straps you use, held up!” David Woodruff recalled. “We had it inspected, of course, after the tornado because we thought with everyone else having so much damage, there’d be something wrong.”

After they had their roofs inspected, the Woodruffs were elated by the news.

“They came out and we had only lost three or four shingles!” Kim said. “That was it! Out of a tornado!”

David says in the eleven years they lived in the house, they went through three different tornados and were impressed every time their home stood up against the elements with minimal damage.

In 2013, the Woodruffs decided to sell their Home Creations home in order to move closer to their family.

“We were going to do the crazy thing of trying to move near family,” David said. “My dad’s retired Navy, my sister’s retired Navy and I’m retired Air Force so we were going to finally get together after 25 years.”

But after four months in Washington, the Woodruff’s decided it was time to come back to Oklahoma.

The Woodruffs with New Home Consultant, Aaron Marshall

The Woodruffs with New Home Consultant, Aaron Marshall


“We couldn’t find the right jobs out there so the good Lord brought us back to our second home, Oklahoma,” David said. “We rented for about a year and a half, trying to get ourselves familiar with the area we wanted to buy at.”

Knowing they wanted to keep their son, Jonathan, in the same school district, they were relieved when New Home Consultant, Aaron Marshall was able to find a home they loved in a Home Creations community in just the right location.

“Aaron did a fantastic job with us,” David said. “We couldn’t get the house we originally wanted in the area but then Aaron came back right when we were like ‘what are we gonna do?'”

“Aaron called us and said ‘I’ve got a place for you,'” Kim recalled. “He already checked and found out Jonathan could stay in the same schools, which was very important to us. And what’s funny is that this floorplan is almost identical to the Home Creations home we bought in 2002.”

After moving into our IronStone community in July, the Woodruffs have fallen in love with the community’s location and easy access to amenities and highway transportation. And for David, having a golf course across the street is just the cherry on top!

And for all you Oklahoma City Thunder fans, be on the lookout for Jonathan Woodruff, who will get to present the game ball before the Thunder game on February 21!