Buy vs. rent


Ditch your rental and invest in your future by owning a new home. There are several benefits to owning a home versus renting.

If you own:

Your mortgage payment buys your home.
Garage covered parking included.
Play time in a fenced backyard for your children and/or pets.
Mortgage interest is tax deductible. Check with a tax advisor for more information.
No noises from neighbors coming through the floors, ceiling or walls.
Everything is new.
Goodbye storage unit! Enjoy tons of cabinet and closet space.
Energy efficient homes. Big savings on utilities!
Your laundry is done in your own utility room.
Mail is delivered directly to a brick mailbox in your front yard.

If you rent:

Your rent payments buy your landlord’s house.
You may have to pay extra for a covered parking space or garage.
You may not have a front or back yard.
Monthly rent payments are not tax deductible.
People live above and below you. You also share adjacent walls with neighbors.
There may be questionable smells, stains or patches on the walls and/or carpet.
Doors and windows may not be properly sealed. AC unit and appliances may not be energy efficient; likely increasing your bills.
Laundry may have to be done at a laundry mat or community laundry center.
Mail is delivered to a community mail center or cluster box.

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