10 reasons to buy a new home

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Why buy a new home? A new home means no one else has lived there before. It also means: new carpet, new appliances, the latest design trends and the latest technology. Need more reasons to purchase a new home? Read the top 10 reasons to purchase a new Home Creations home.

1. Investment

Owning a home is an investment. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on monthly rent that goes to a landlord, a mortgage payment on a new home buys your home and builds equity.

Owning a home can create a tax break that comes from deducting mortgage rates. Contact one of our participating lenders to learn more.

2. Our homes are energy efficient

Every one of our homes are energy efficient – saving you money on your utility bills. All of our homes have a HERS Rating of 46 to 52. The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. The HERS Index is the most in-depth assessment on energy efficiency. This assessment takes into account all variables that can affect the energy efficiency of a home. These factors include: exterior walls, attic, windows, doors, heating and cooling systems, duct work, water heating systems, lighting, and appliances. All of our homes are verified by the HERS home energy rating assessment, which is conducted by a certified RESNET energy rater.

3. Safety

Your family’s safety is our No. 1 concern. Keeping this concern in mind, we add several safety features into the development of your home. These include: anchor bolts, tornado straps, oriented strand board, Tyvek House Wrap, Fireguard 45, Woodford Freeze Proof Spigot, Schluter Shower System, PEX Water System and StormMaster Atlas Shingles to every single home we build.

4. Warranties

Our new homes are built with high quality materials that are less likely to breakdown. All of our new homes come with a one-year builders warranty and a 10-year structural warranty. If you have any issues with your new home within the first year, give our Customer Care Department a call.

5. Appreciation

New homes are built with the highest quality from building materials to advanced safety features, the appreciation over time is far higher than older homes that have fewer upgrades and features. If you ever decide to sell your home, the resale value has the potential to be higher than the one of a used home.

6. Smart Home Features

We install a 2GIG Security System into every home. This security system has several smart home features that allows you to control settings from an electronic device.

7. Location

We build in premiere locations throughout the Oklahoma City metro, Chickasha and Tulsa metro. Looking for a new home located in a great school district? Choose from over 15 communities that are located within the top school districts of Oklahoma.

8. Community Amenities

Several of our communities features amenities your family will love! Enjoy access to swimming pools, clubhouses, basketball courts, playgrounds, walking trails and so much more. Each community has different amenities.

9 Closing Costs

You can save up to $2,500 in closing costs if you choose to use one of our participating lenders to finance the purchase of your new Home Creations home.

10. Selections

We allow you to customize your new home. We have an in-house design center that allows you to browse Quartz countertops, granite, flooring options, paint, cabinets, backsplash, fans, light fixtures and so much more.

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